Michelle Ronan Noteboom

Michelle Ronan Noteboom specializes in healthcare IT communications, marketing, and strategy. She spent seven years as an independent contributor for HIStalk and HIStalk Practice writing under the name "Inga" and as a freelance writer for various publications and health IT vendors.

Group discussion with speech bubbles
By Michelle Ronan Noteboom 09:21 am July 31, 2015
Many health system CIOs say they weren't expecting the Cerner/Leidos team to win the coveted contract to overhaul the Department of Defense's electronic health record system. "I really thought it was going to Epic," was one typical response.
patient on gurney
By Michelle Ronan Noteboom 09:47 am July 14, 2015
Maybe a "doctor knows best" attitude worked in Dr. Marcus Welby's day, but today we mere patients have vast resources available to us at our fingertips and can quickly gain a basic understanding of our medical conditions and treatment options.
Health data icons
By Michelle Ronan Noteboom 09:11 am June 12, 2015
"We the people want easy, electronic access to our health information." That's the goal of Get My Health Data, the new patient advocacy effort launched by former ONC chief Farzad Mostashari, MD. But what does that mean in practice? Our columnist tries to find out.
By Michelle Ronan Noteboom 10:38 am June 01, 2015
Whether users are ignoring technology (alarm fatigue) or blindly following it (assuming clinical decision support prompts are always right), ultimately it's up to the caregiver to fully consider his or her medical training and use common sense.
By Michelle Ronan Noteboom 09:42 am May 20, 2015
Our columnist considers what the new culture of technology-enabled instant gratification means for patient satisfaction. Can providers better leverage those same technologies to improve practice workflows and minimize patient wait times?
Doc and patient with records
By Michelle Ronan Noteboom 10:25 am May 01, 2015
You've probably heard of it once or twice over the past few years. But it's a concept that still needs some more definition. Our columnist explains why she's not a fan of "patient engagement."
Phoenix Children's Hospital
By Michelle Ronan Noteboom 10:55 am April 27, 2015
As Phoenix Children's Hospital deployed a single EMR across more than 70 subspecialties, administrators understood that physician acceptance was critical to success: providing doctors with an easy-to-use clinical documentation tool was a top priority.
Attendees at the Clinicspectrum booth
By Michelle Ronan Noteboom 12:10 am April 15, 2015
Our columnist has survived her first three days of HIMSS15. She offers some impressions about the show's hot topics (meaningful use, analytics), its after-hours social scene and the vast enormity of Chicago's McCormick Place.
People on crowded street
By Michelle Ronan Noteboom 10:19 pm April 06, 2015
A recent social snub has our columnist thinking about people's deep-seated need to be recognized and appreciated -- not least in the doctor's office, when an EHR could be standing in the way of that human connection.
Illustration of man yelling
By Michelle Ronan Noteboom 10:17 am March 26, 2015
"Because I said so." If you've ever been a parent of a teenager, you've likely uttered (screamed) those four words on more than one occasion. Our columnist recently recognized some similarities with the meaningful use program.

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