Michelle McNickle

By Michelle McNickle 11:58 am May 21, 2012
At the Connecting Healthcare + Social Media Conference this past week, Mike Sevilla, MD, family physician and blogger at Family Medicine Rocks, took the stage to present not only his own social media story, but to convince other physicians why they need to be on social media, too.
By Michelle McNickle 01:12 pm May 15, 2012
Recent reports have touted the benefits that real-time locating system (RTLS) technology can have for a company's bottom line. An even better ROI can be had with a little creativity, says Merrie Wallace, executive vice president of product solutions at Awarepoint.
By Michelle McNickle 01:21 pm May 14, 2012
Although data encryption is becoming a valuable option to protect against breached PHI, certain myths and misconceptions about it still exists, according to a new report by WinMagic Data Security. The report outlines and debunks seven common myths about data encryption.
By Michelle McNickle 11:38 am May 10, 2012
Studies have shown in recent years that the quality of data in many electronic medical records is often not very good. According to Peter Witonsky, president and chief sales officer at iSirona, this is largely due to simple inaccuracies that occur more often than we think.
By Michelle McNickle 09:35 am May 09, 2012
What with health entities 'drowning in information but dying of thirst' the analysis of big data sets hold great promise. Here are half-a-dozen things to know now.
By Michelle McNickle 01:47 pm May 08, 2012
A recent report by Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation suggests the value of big data is something to take seriously. As more organizations create plans leverage their big data, Nuance's Joe Petro sees some remarkable developments on the horizon.
By Michelle McNickle 01:22 pm May 07, 2012
Data breaches have increased dramatically in the past few years, giving way to new trends within the healthcare space. According to a recent report by ID Experts, one aspect of an overall risk management strategy is becoming increasingly worth exploring: cyber insurance.
By Michelle McNickle 01:01 pm May 03, 2012
There's no denying that customer service is a key driver of success in any business. And when it comes to health IT, strong customer support is that much more important to successfully implement tools aimed at improving patient care and reducing costs.
By Michelle McNickle 12:48 pm May 01, 2012
Social media's use in healthcare is without a doubt growing. But as organizations learn how to leverage these tools, a recent whitepaper by Osterman Research makes clear organizations also need have plans in place to both manage and archive their social media use.
By Michelle McNickle 12:06 pm April 30, 2012
Breaches remain common, and as best practices continue to develop around how to handle them, one tool is proving to be invaluable: forensics. Mahmood Sher-Jan and Winston Krone highlight five reasons organizations should use forensics if a breach occurs.

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