Michelle McNickle

By Michelle McNickle 12:55 pm June 13, 2012
At the recent HIMSS Virtual Conference and Expo, Chris Gough, solutions architect at Intel Healthcare Information Technology, and Alan Stein, MD, vice president of healthcare technology Autonomy, an HP company, presented a webinar titled, "Big Data and Analytics in Healthcare."
By Michelle McNickle 12:46 pm June 12, 2012
At this point, the trend toward cloud-computing is strong, even though some are still skeptical of its "chaotic" use and its ability to meet the needs of health IT professionals. Mariano Maluf, CTO at Atlanta-based GNAX, says now is the time to strongly consider the cloud -- while keeping some basic tips in mind.
By Michelle McNickle 01:10 pm June 06, 2012
Toward the end of last month, Mike Sevilla, MD, spoke to a crowd of 100 people at the Connecting Healthcare + Social Media Conference, about why physicians ought to be on social media. Although multiple such outlets exists -- Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn -- none have appealed quite so strongly to physicians as Twitter.
By Michelle McNickle 09:17 am June 06, 2012
Three of the four most significant data breaches thus far this year happened at academic or public health departments. Here's a look at the top ten.
By Michelle McNickle 11:37 am June 05, 2012
We're six months into 2012, and numerous headlines have showcased some large health data breaches. Whether it's outright theft, the actions of a disgruntled employee or overall carelessness, 2012 is already chock-full of noteworthy breaches. According to recent research, the problem is only growing.
By Michelle McNickle 01:00 pm June 04, 2012
To date, 32 organizations across the country are participating in the Pioneer ACO initiative, hoping to inspire others in their regions to follow suit. As the benefits of adopting this model become clear, more organizations are looking to explore the possibility of becoming an ACO.
By Michelle McNickle 01:01 pm May 30, 2012
A recent Healthcare IT News survey found 48 percent of respondents planning to incorporate cloud computing into their health IT endeavors; 33 percent already had. But 19 percent answered with a "no," and one expert said their reluctance could have to do with security issues.
By Michelle McNickle 12:48 pm May 29, 2012
Although the healthcare community has been clamoring for integration of its IT systems for decades, the industry is still in a rather elementary stage when it comes to useful and practical systems integration.
By Michelle McNickle 12:50 pm May 24, 2012
On the second and last day of the Connecting Healthcare + Social Media Conference in New York this past week, Jessie Gruman, president of the Center of Advancing Health, took the stage to discuss what she, and a majority of patients, want to see from a healthcare organization's social media efforts.
By Michelle McNickle 12:37 pm May 23, 2012
At the Connecting Healthcare + Social Media Conference in New York this past week, Ed Bennett, director of Web and communications technology at University of Maryland Medical Center, discussed his experiences with gaining buy-in and successfully launching a thriving social media presence.

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