Maureen Kaplan

Maureen Kaplan, CISSP, CHPA, CHSE is Director, Healthcare Cloud and Security at Verizon. She has spent the past 10 years working with global organizations in the development of their cloud computing and security programs, and assisting with the delivery of strategic projects.

By Maureen Kaplan 09:53 am July 24, 2013
Many healthcare companies are using a range of infrastructure services to meet their changing IT needs. This usually begins with storing data in an in-house data center then moving to collocation in an outsourced data center.
By Maureen Kaplan 07:50 am June 12, 2013
An interesting challenge that healthcare companies face when making the transition into cloud computing is, what to move into the cloud? Putting aside the technology decision – be it public, private or a hybrid cloud – the return on investment decision can be daunting.
By Maureen Kaplan 10:08 am May 06, 2013
Every organization is considering “cloud” approaches for their business, yet if you ask “what is cloud” you’ll get a wide range of answers. This variety of cloud options has an impact on healthcare organizations, especially those contemplating a future cloud strategy aligned to regulatory compliance.
By Maureen Kaplan 08:29 am April 03, 2013
All organizations have a business imperative to control risk. For healthcare companies that corporate responsibility extends to the protection of ePHI within their organization.

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