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By Lynne Minion 01:48 pm April 07, 2020
While Australia suffered through its unprecedented bushfire emergency, one life-saver app in the worst hit state was compulsively used by those in the danger zones and beyond.
By Lynne Minion 06:33 am February 05, 2020
As a first year medical student in 1978, a young Donald Rucker was exposed to early health technology at his American university and knew there had to be a better way to communicate critical information.

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By Lynne Minion 09:50 am July 12, 2019
Following the unexpected death of his celebrity son over a decade ago, Kim Ledger is campaigning to reduce prescription drug-related deaths. Digital surveillance could be part of the solution.
blind woman using Microsoft app Soundscape on city street with her guide dog
By Lynne Minion 09:57 am September 17, 2018
Microsoft and Vision Australia unveiled a new 3D audio app designed to give blind and vision impaired people greater independence to explore the world around them.
robotic surgery
By Lynne Minion 09:39 am August 22, 2018
Australian Medical Robotics Academy will train surgeons to conduct certain cancer procedures Victorian Government says.
US military troops walking across airfield
By Lynne Minion 03:42 pm August 17, 2018
ResApp will partner with Lockheed Martin to join the US government’s "Warfighter Analytics using Smartphones for Health" effort to develop audio-based machine learning algorithms using smartphone microphones.
exterior of Sobeys pharmacy in Windsor Nova Scotia
By Lynne Minion 11:27 am August 13, 2018
She snooped in the EHRs of nearly four dozen people over two years.
intersystems EHR booth at HIMSS
By Lynne Minion 11:10 am August 13, 2018
The digitization initiative in the remote and rural Northern Territory is implementing InterSystems technology to improve quality and access for the area's underserved population.
healthcare worker faxing a medical document
By Lynne Minion 01:04 pm August 09, 2018
U.S. federal officials this week called on physicians to eradicate faxes by 2020 while hospitals in Australia and England had situations of their own. 

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