Lyn Triffletti

Lyn Triffletti, CPCO is a vice president of compliance at Stericycle, Inc.

By Lyn Triffletti 08:44 am October 29, 2015
Since HIPAA regulations are so vast, it can be difficult to fully understand what training is required and how often it should occur. That said, it's essential to make sure staff are properly trained to prevent breaches and mitigate effects should they occur.
By Lyn Triffletti 08:55 am September 23, 2015
Believe it or not, there are 52 possible policies that organizations may need in order to comply with HIPAA. To determine which ones are required, an organization must perform a comprehensive risk assessment and gap analysis.
By Lyn Triffletti 08:42 am August 31, 2015
HIPAA compliance, or lack thereof, has both financial and cultural implications, so identifying common HIPAA compliance gaps is a great way to start down the path to compliance.

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