Laura Lovett

Laura Lovett is an associate editor at MobiHealthNews where she covers the intersection of healthcare and technology. She is also a contributing editor to Women in Healthcare IT at Healthcare IT News. Before coming to MobiHealthNews she worked for Gatehouse Media, where she earned a New England Newspaper Association award. Most recently Lovett won a Umass Medical Media Fellowship.  Lovett was educated at the University of East Anglia, the University of Massachusetts and Oxford University.

By Laura Lovett 03:45 pm January 29, 2020
Yaya Mbaoua, CEO of The Mbaoua Group, will be speaking at HIMSS20 on how telemedicine could transform Africa’s healthcare.
By Laura Lovett 04:47 pm January 24, 2020
Susannah Rose, director of patient experience research at the Cleveland Clinic, will be talking about ways to use tech and improve care at HIMSS20.
By Laura Lovett 12:02 pm January 20, 2020
At HIMSS20, Providence St. Joseph's Lisa Mason will be discussing the tricks and pitfalls of using chatbots in healthcare.
pediatric telemedicine
By Laura Lovett 06:07 am December 19, 2019
The new money will be put towards launching the company's clinics and digital platform.
Two women talking
By Laura Lovett 06:07 am December 17, 2019
The company plans on using the new funds to expand its services to new locations.
Woman doctor directing nurse
By Laura Lovett 02:51 pm December 03, 2019
A Rock Health report found that the percentage of female partners at digital health VC firms only rose from 12.2% to 12.6%, while deals closed by women-led startups rose 13.4% to 14%.
By Laura Lovett 04:01 pm December 02, 2019
The new HIPAA-compliant tool will be able to capture physician dictation or doctor-patient conversations.
By Laura Lovett 09:41 am November 27, 2019
The new feature will initially be available to Giant Eagle Pharmacy customers.
By Laura Lovett 10:21 am November 22, 2019
News of the tool, currently in clinical pilots, comes a week after reports circulated that Google was working with healthcare system Ascension on a controversial project involving patient data.
Fitness watches
By Laura Lovett 03:23 pm November 21, 2019
MobiHealthNews sat down with Amy McDonough, SVP and general manager of Fitbit Health Solutions, prior to the news that Google was set to acquire Fitbit.

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