Kyle Hardy

By Kyle Hardy 09:08 am April 08, 2010
Since the passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in early 2009, and the definition of "meaningful use" of an EMR, the healthcare CIO is looking at a much larger range of responsibilities.
By Kyle Hardy 10:53 am April 01, 2010
The government of Cross River State, Nigeria is launching two initiatives in order to provide healthcare and other social services to its poor and rurally located citizens.
By Kyle Hardy 03:53 pm March 23, 2010
NHS Lincolnshire has completed the deployment of a new wireless LAN architecture into 12 of its key healthcare facilities.
By Kyle Hardy 03:24 pm March 17, 2010
The International Council of Nurses and the International Healthcare Terminology Standards Development Organization are collaborating to improve standardized information sharing for nurses and other clinical staff.
By Kyle Hardy 11:59 am March 09, 2010
MC Leeuwarden, based in Friesland, the Netherlands has deployed new clinical review displays across its two locations.
By Kyle Hardy 09:48 am March 01, 2010
A bi-directional mobile software solution created for hospital systems is being touted as "a giant leap forward for healthcare IT."
By Kyle Hardy 09:55 am February 26, 2010
Eclipsys Corp., an Atlanta-based health IT company, and computer technology giant Microsoft Corp. are planning to integrate their platforms to provide more flexible and interoperable solutions to healthcare providers.
By Kyle Hardy 10:16 am February 25, 2010
Emergin, a Philips Healthcare company, has released an interface between the company’s alert management platform and the Voalté communication server to deliver alert notifications via Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices.
By Kyle Hardy 02:33 pm February 24, 2010
Implementing a computerized physicians order entry system poses multiple challenges, with physician engagement at the top of the list.
By Kyle Hardy 11:47 am February 19, 2010
General Medical History, developed by Clinical Cliffs, is a free iPhone/iPod Touch application that's great for new doctors and medical students, but is hardly adequate for the veteran physician.

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