Kurt Hagerman

As chief information security officer (CISO) for Armor, Kurt Hagerman is responsible for all aspects of security and compliance for both corporate- and customer-facing products. He is responsible for leading Armor in attaining ISO, PCI, HIPAA and other certifications.

data security lock
By Kurt Hagerman 10:28 am July 07, 2015
Many organizations do a decent job of limiting access to data and systems for their general user population. When it comes to privileged access, however, most simply attempt to limit who has this type of access without considering some inherent risks.
By Kurt Hagerman 09:27 am March 26, 2015
You don't have to work in technology to know that hackers are getting more sophisticated. It seems like a new breach is in the news every week. But those of us who are dedicated to protecting healthcare data also spend a lot of time on something that's just as demanding.
By Kurt Hagerman 03:02 pm January 27, 2015
Your average healthcare IT organization tends to be ruled by two primary concerns: HIPAA compliance and preventing breaches. Both are smart priorities, but many teams assume that achieving the first will prevent the second – and that can be a disastrous mistake.
By Kurt Hagerman 01:51 pm June 24, 2014
When it comes to leveraging the cloud for healthcare IT, I see two prevailing dynamics over and over. The first is that most organizations understand the benefits of the cloud very well. But when it comes to enjoying those benefits by partnering with the right provider, these same organizations are frequently lost.
By Kurt Hagerman 10:33 am March 31, 2014
Let's take security to a new level.
By Kurt Hagerman 08:23 am March 28, 2014
As we discussed in Part I of this series, encryption plays a vital role in healthcare IT security, but not everyone understands the ins and outs. Today we're going to focus on the other more critical components of encryption.
By Kurt Hagerman 08:20 am January 29, 2014
IT may not get much credit when it comes to saving patient lives, but there's no denying that cloud technologies can help do just that. By making medical data immediately available to providers, cloud-enabled applications can share test results, identify medication allergies and improve patient outcomes.
By Kurt Hagerman 08:23 am November 14, 2013
Healthcare cloud security goes beyond protecting sensitive personal information to ensuring the availability of critical medical data that can be the difference between life or death.
By Kurt Hagerman 08:43 am August 02, 2013
As healthcare providers rely more and more on evolving technologies to store and transmit their data, compliance has become an increasingly complex landscape to navigate.
By Kurt Hagerman 08:04 am June 05, 2013
Speed, immediacy and scalability are just a few of the rewards of using the cloud for your applications and data, and the reasons why so many healthcare companies are turning to the cloud to hold even their most critical data.

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