Keith W. Boone

Healthcare standards is my passion and my calling. I discovered this more than a decade ago when I first got involved in healthcare standards. These days I'm Informatics Adept at Audacious Inquiry, representing them to HL7 and IHE. and delivering up the goods on implementations of standards developed by those and other Health IT standards organizations.



By Keith W. Boone 11:28 am January 07, 2016
Keith Boone revisits his 2015 predictions to see what came true, what didn't and what still needs work.
By Keith W. Boone 09:06 am November 24, 2015
What does it take to become a health IT Jedi? Keith Boone lists three critical factors.
By Keith W. Boone 03:05 pm October 19, 2015
Keith Boone has a theory: People will believe two systems are interoperable when they can observe that the systems work together in simple ways with little to no effort -- and in complex ways with some effort.
By Keith W. Boone 08:43 am June 04, 2015
Interoperability is all the rage today, just ask twitter, the federal government, or even your local doctor. Ten years ago, I often had to explain to people why they needed interoperability, and how to ask for it. Now everybody is focused on it.
By Keith W. Boone 03:21 pm May 26, 2015
The 21st Century Cures Act recently cleared a hurdle to go onto the next step. Quite frankly, having read various versions of the bill, and having seen its evolution, I have to wonder who should really be doing this job.
By Keith W. Boone 09:34 am March 04, 2015
One of the biggest unrecognized challenges to balance in consensus standards development processes is lack of balance in governance.
By Keith W. Boone 08:40 am January 23, 2015
The first official meeting of the Healthcare Standards Integration workgoup was convened at the HL7 working group meeting, to review feedback on FHIR resources that had already been jointly developed by IHE and HL7.
By Keith W. Boone 08:42 am January 08, 2015
Consider McDonald's, Wendy's, and Burger King, and your favorite sit-down restaurant, and your favorite diner, and your favorite sushi place. Do they all do the same thing? Basically. But their processes are very different. The same applies to healthcare.
By Keith W. Boone 08:34 am January 05, 2015
In looking back over 2014, and looking forward to 2015, two things stand out: uncertainty and change.
By Keith W. Boone 09:08 am December 09, 2014
Whatever it is -- if it involves health IT, interoperability, or anything else -- the answer seems to be FHIR.

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