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Kat Jercich is the Senior Editor at Healthcare IT News. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Advocate, and others. Previously, she was Vice President and Managing Editor at Rewire.News.

By Kat Jercich 03:40 pm July 16, 2020
HIMSS Government Relations VP Tom Leary said House members were likely to address originating site requirements and the types of providers that can be reimbursed for telehealth.
By Kat Jercich 12:57 pm July 16, 2020
British, Canadian and U.S. intelligence agencies released a statement saying the group is "almost certainly" part of the Russian intelligence services.

VAlaSiurua, Wikimedia Commons

By Kat Jercich 10:36 am July 16, 2020
Judge Theodore Chuang found that the in-person FDA requirements for medication abortion impose a "substantial obstacle" for patients during the COVID-19 crisis.

Win McNamee, Getty Images

By Kat Jercich 02:41 pm July 15, 2020
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Robert Redfield says the controversial new process, which calls on hospitals to send capacity and utilization data via the HHS Protect system, was made with CDC support.
By Kat Jercich 09:17 am July 15, 2020
VitalSight sends patient blood pressure data directly to Mount Sinai's Epic electronic health record, with an option to alert physicians' offices if a concern is detected.

The hospital in Truckee, California, is located 100 miles from Sacramento. (augieray via Flickr)

By Kat Jercich 02:01 pm July 14, 2020
Death rates from cancer are higher in rural America – in part because of reduced access to high-quality care.
By Kat Jercich 12:47 pm July 13, 2020
Plaintiffs allege that the telehealth giant contracted with a third-party telemarketer that violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.
By Kat Jercich 09:43 am July 13, 2020
A recent survey found that three-quarters of patients said they were very or completely satisfied with the virtual care they'd received, but many left the visit without understanding the next steps.
By Kat Jercich 03:14 pm July 10, 2020
A blog post published in Health Affairs outlines a framework for tracking the effectiveness of stakeholder behavior in response to ONC data-sharing rules.   
By Kat Jercich 01:40 pm July 09, 2020
A new JAMIA study suggests it's possible to protect sensitive patient data while developing models to ultimately optimize care.

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