Karen DeSalvo

Karen DeSalvo, MD, MPH, MSc. is the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. She blogs at Health IT Buzz with updates on health IT and the ONC, where this post originally appeared. For more information about ONC visit HealthIT.gov.

By Karen DeSalvo 08:13 am February 20, 2014
This week marks a major milestone in our journey towards adoption and meaningful use of electronic health records. As we work toward the secure, private and meaningful exchange of interoperable health information across the continuum of care, the law that made much of this possible turns five.
By Karen DeSalvo 09:59 am January 20, 2014
We continue to see progress in improving the nation's healthcare system, and a key tool to helping achieve that goal is the increased use of electronic health records by the nation's doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers.

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