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By Kaiser Health News 10:04 am August 05, 2013
Medicare will levy $227 million in fines against hospitals in every state but one for the second round of the government's campaign to reduce the number of patients readmitted within a month, according to federal records released Friday.
By Kaiser Health News 09:40 am June 26, 2013
Hoping to get consumers the best prices, the Obama administration is negotiating with insurers looking to sell policies in online health insurance marketplaces this fall, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Monday. HHS is operating exchanges in about 35 states starting Oct. 1.
By Kaiser Health News 10:02 am June 21, 2013
Within days, the company that handles an average of more than 60,000 calls daily about Medicare will be deluged by new inquiries about health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.
Moore Medical Center (Photo by Norman Regional Health System)
By Kaiser Health News 09:44 am May 28, 2013
Everyone expects a hospital to be ready to jump into action when disaster strikes. But what about when the disaster devastates the hospital itself? Turns out, it helps a lot to have an electronic medical record system in place. At least that was the case at Moore Medical Center in Oklahoma, a small hospital right in the path of the tornado that...
By Kaiser Health News 10:02 am April 29, 2013
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to track the health of a population: the average blood pressure of a large group of people, the rate of mental illness, the average weight. Epidemiologists have been collecting this kind of data for years, but now, in Oregon, there is cold, hard cash riding on these metrics.
President Barack Obama and acting OMB Director Jeffrey Zients
By Kaiser Health News 11:32 am April 11, 2013
The Obama administration is trying once again to convince Congress to provide more funding for the health law's insurance exchanges, which are set to begin enrollment this fall.
Scott Atnip
By Kaiser Health News 10:31 am April 08, 2013
The plan to insure as many as 27 million Americans under the federal health law beginning this fall will be the biggest expansion of health coverage since that launch. But six months before the process begins, questions are mounting about the scope and adequacy of efforts to reach out to consumers.
rural hospitals
By Kaiser Health News 10:29 am April 03, 2013
For 15 years, Congress has bestowed special privileges to some small remote hospitals, usually in rural areas, to help them stay afloat. Medicare pays them more than it pays most hospitals and exempts them from financial pressure to operate efficiently and requirements to reveal how their patients fare. Nearly one in four hospitals qualifies for...
By Kaiser Health News 09:49 am February 25, 2013
From SoloHealth's stations, slated to be in 2,500 Walmarts and Sam's Clubs next month, to video consultations with doctors, to smartphone apps that track blood pressure and heart rate, consumer health technology is attracting big-name backers.
Dr. Scot Silverstein
By Kaiser Health News 10:48 am February 18, 2013
Computer mistakes like the one that produced incorrect prescriptions for thousands of Rhode Island patients are probably far more common and dangerous than the Obama administration wants you to believe, says Drexel University's Scot Silverstein, MD.

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