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California’s registry, run by the state Department of Public Health, has amassed data on more than 4.5 million cancer patients since it began collecting information in 1988.

By Kaiser Health News 11:01 am July 21, 2016
Researchers in California regularly use a database to search for trends, confirm potential cancer clusters and identify disparities in screening and outcomes.
Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence

Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence delivers a speech at the Republican National Convention on July 20 in Cleveland, Ohio. Pence has drawn criticism from the left and the right for various health care stances. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

By Kaiser Health News 10:52 am July 21, 2016
As a congressman, Pence was an early advocate for defunding Planned Parenthood.
Dignity SCL microhospitals
By Kaiser Health News 08:10 am July 19, 2016
Health systems in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Texas are establishing small facilities with robust outpatient services to target specific regions.
By Kaiser Health News 02:13 pm June 21, 2016
More and more organizations are harnessing kiosks as a venue for less expensive and more accessible care but it remains unclear whether they can achieve similar results with existing personal devices. 
By Kaiser Health News 02:51 pm June 20, 2016
The organization praised the U.S. Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment for its successes in treating combat casualties under difficult conditions while virtually eliminating preventable deaths.
Veterans Affairs VA CVS Minute Clinics

In a new test program, Veterans can visit one of 14 CVS Minute Clinics in the San Francisco Bay area and receive free care for certain conditions and medications and the VA will reimburse CVS for the treatment. 

By Kaiser Health News 09:44 am May 25, 2016
Struggling with long wait times, the Veterans Affairs Health Care System is trying something new: a partnership with the CVS Pharmacy chain to offer urgent care services to more than 65,000 veterans. The experiment begins today at the VA’s operations in Palo Alto, California.
House calls Medicare Medicaid  Independence at Home
By Kaiser Health News 10:11 am May 23, 2016
An experimental program called Independence at Home saved an average of $13,600 per patient during its first year. 
Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders Donald Trump election 2016 long-term care dental Medicare
By Kaiser Health News 10:22 am May 16, 2016
Long-term care, out-of-pocket spending, and even dental care are among the challenges that America faces in the next few years but Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are not saying nearly enough about their intentions in those areas. 
Veterans Affairs Montana Sen. John Tester

“I’m telling you, it’s just flat laziness. These folks turn in their bills, and if they’re not paid in a timely manner, that’s a business model that’ll cause you to go broke pretty quick," Montana Sen. Jon Tester said of the Veteran Affairs department. 

By Kaiser Health News 09:42 am May 16, 2016
Veterans are still waiting to see a doctor. Two years ago, vets were waiting a long time for care at Veterans Affairs clinics. At one facility in Phoenix, for example, veterans waited on average 115 days for an appointment.

Craig McDougall, MD, and his patient Amy Cannon reviewed her latest lab results. Cannon, 45, has high cholesterol and high blood pressure but McDougall told her she was on the right track. She had lost 30 pounds and her blood sugar level had dropped. (Anna Gorman/KHN)

By Kaiser Health News 10:08 am May 11, 2016
By Anna Gorman, Kaiser Health News Lacee Badgley, the mother of a seven-year-old, works full time as an insurance adjuster. Like most working parents, she finds making time for doctor’s appointments a challenge. “I don’t have the time or energy to drive around town and then wait,” she said.

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