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Zika mystery spreads humans
By Kaiser Health News 11:04 am October 21, 2016
The discovery could potentially contribute to drugs that prevent birth defects in some babies born to women who contracted the virus while pregnant. 
HHS measure Obamacare
By Kaiser Health News 08:04 am October 17, 2016
Maine, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas will test the technology and relevant data will be available sometime during the open-enrollment period for 2017, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 
States Medicaid expansion
By Kaiser Health News 10:39 am October 13, 2016
U.S. States are finding the need to stretch dollars as part of the Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. Such strategies include hiring private managed care companies, shifting long-term care services to community settings and restricting use of expensive prescription drugs. 
Drug price hikes hospitals
By Kaiser Health News 09:02 am October 12, 2016
Researchers said the price hikes driving big spending increases are inconsistent and while AHA president Rick Pollack said that any upticks because of market manipulation are just plain wrong. 
Trump crush Obamacare Congress
By Kaiser Health News 06:45 am October 07, 2016
A George Washington University health policy professor said that Donald Trump, if elected President, could take executive action that would effectively stop the Affordable Care Act in its tracks. 
telehealth addiction
By Kaiser Health News 09:58 am October 03, 2016
Health professionals and policy makers think using telemedicine to connect patients with addiction specialists will help address the physician shortage. The potential direction is clear, as are the opportunities. But challenges, of course, persist. 
UnitedHealth ACO
By Kaiser Health News 09:30 am September 30, 2016
The nation’s largest health insurer and the University of California Health system are joining forces to create a new health plan option for employers and expand research into patient data.
California public option
By Kaiser Health News 07:05 am September 26, 2016
Dave Jones said that market consolidation among healthcare payers means the state should give careful thought to a public option for insurance.
Health plans chronic care
By Kaiser Health News 09:43 am September 21, 2016
When CMS opened the chronic care management program, experts hailed its potential for population health and cost control. Since then, however, the initiative has encountered obstacles, the IRS and health plans now among those. 
Zika test infection
By Kaiser Health News 09:30 am September 19, 2016
No approved commercial tests are available, and processing the emergency-use tests FDA temporarily authorized takes too long and raises concerns about accuracy. Researchers are working to streamline that process. 

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