John W. Loonsk, MD

John W. Loonsk, MD is CMIO at CGI and Adjunct Associate Professor, Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins Center for Population Health IT.

By John W. Loonsk, MD 04:43 pm April 08, 2011
Billions in stimulus dollars have many physicians now eyeing electronic medical record software for their practices. Hospitals are installing EMRs (for providers?) too. Unfortunately for many who practice care, EMRs are still a pretty bitter pill to swallow.
By John W. Loonsk, MD 09:44 am September 08, 2010
By now we all may be growing tired of the “it’s the economy, stupid” construction. What's more, using it for health IT is not respectful of the many people who work in the area, because they are earnestly trying to improve health. But, in many respects, the "forest for the trees" kind of reset that the construction suggests is very appropriate now...
By John W. Loonsk, MD 08:51 am June 02, 2010
People love using analogies when talking about areas that are new, abstract or controversial. Not surprisingly, the nation’s health information technology infrastructure, having all three characteristics, is prime fodder for this game. If done well, analogies offer insight and specificity and if not they can be confusing and even comical.

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