John Halamka, MD

By John Halamka, MD 09:12 am April 17, 2013
Many reporters have contacted me for an IT perspective on the April 15 bombings in Boston. Within moments of the event, social media became the preferred mechanism for communication and coordination.
By John Halamka, MD 09:08 am May 23, 2012
As we continue the journey to protect corporate data that is accessed from personal mobile devices, we're developing increasingly rigorous policies that rebalance individual preferences with corporate compliance requirements.
By John Halamka, MD 09:55 am April 19, 2012
The April HIT Standards Committee included a comprehensive review of the Standards & Certification Criteria Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) by each workgroup/task force/power team during a 5 hour marathon session.
By John Halamka, MD 03:02 pm December 20, 2011
The December HIT Standards Committee included a discussion of the work ahead for the next year based on the priorities we've heard from stakeholders.
By John Halamka, MD 10:04 am December 12, 2011
As hospitals and practices form accountable care organizations, they will accelerate their efforts to build healthcare information exchanges and novel analytics that support community-wide lifetime care rather than siloed episodic care, This requires "freeing the data" from the EHRs, hospital information systems, and laboratories in which it...
By John Halamka, MD 12:26 pm December 05, 2011
Last week, Don Berwick completed his 17 month tenure as administrator of Medicare and Medicaid. The nation should be grateful that such a visionary was at the helm. The nation should be frustrated that he was never confirmed.
By John Halamka, MD 09:15 am November 15, 2011
Yesterday, Rick Shoup, Manu Tandon and I presented the updated Massachusetts Stategic/Operating Plan, State Medicaid Health Plan/Medicaid Management Information System plan, and the Implementation Advance Planning Documents for Health Information Exchange to the HIT Council and the HIT/HIE Advisory Committee.
By John Halamka, MD 11:57 am October 06, 2011
Wednesday evening, I emailed my staff about the passing of Steve Jobs. Many responded that they were genuinely sad.
By John Halamka, MD 12:37 pm August 30, 2011
I recently spoke with several reporters about Steve Jobs' impact on healthcare, thanking him for the past 15 years of innovation. In preparing for those interviews, I reviewed Steve's career milestones.
By John Halamka, MD 10:12 am July 21, 2011
Every day I examine my life and think about the roles I serve. I consider all the unresolved issues in my professional and personal life, then ponder the processes needed to address them.

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