John Farrell

By John Farrell 10:16 am May 27, 2011
Coming on the heels of news that the patient monitoring system market will reach $9.3 billion in 2014, IBM has announced it's expanding its Health Analytics Solution Center in Dallas.
By John Farrell 09:12 am April 21, 2010
A new wireless technology is being touted as the missing link needed to join patients, providers and the health IT that promises to transform healthcare across the globe.
By John Farrell 09:16 am April 02, 2010
Healthcare systems around the world have been scrambling to come up with ways to leverage mobile technologies in order to reduce healthcare costs, especially those stemming from chronic disease management.
By John Farrell 09:05 am March 23, 2010
Telehealth has been claiming its rightful place in the headlines over the past couple months, with news of regional funding for telehealth networks and the arrival of new telemedicine technologies becoming an almost daily occurrence. Now that an estimated one-third of the nation’s best and brightest physicians are eyeing the exits, we can expect...
By John Farrell 09:13 am February 16, 2010
Online data lockers are barely a ripple in the IT pond, showing up as secure sites where individuals can keep Web site passwords and other information, or as basic computer backup services. But as consumer data becomes more important to businesses, and cloud computing ditches the need for physical presences, this technology may very well put...
By John Farrell 09:44 am January 08, 2010
An Irish company with offices in the U.S., Taiwan, Mexico and South Africa has rolled out what's being touted as the first flexible circuit loop antenna, which promises over 40 percent efficiency in healthcare monitoring devices.
By John Farrell 10:14 am December 01, 2009
With a recent Manhattan Research report claiming 81 percent of physicians will own smartphones by 2012, the race is on to develop mobile applications and customized content aimed at physicians and allied health professionals.

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