John Andrews

John Andrews is an independent freelance writer from Des Plaines, Ill. A professional journalist for more than 30 years, he has written exclusively for the healthcare industry since 1990 and has appeared in dozens of trade publications during his career.

By John Andrews 12:25 pm September 30, 2014
Physicians are becoming a more empowered link in the healthcare chain, due in large part to their adoption and deployment of information technology, IT specialists serving the sector say.
Sumner Regional Med Ctr
By John Andrews 03:03 pm September 18, 2014
Healthcare IT departments spend a lot of time synchronizing technology for their peers, but winning a Healthcare IT News "Best Hospital IT Departments" Award means that IT staff are also proficient at synchronizing themselves. The folks at Sumner Regional Medical Center in Gallatin, Tenn., take pride in doing just that.
Highlands Regional
By John Andrews 02:57 pm September 18, 2014
Highlands Regional Medical Center is nestled in a rural area two hours east of Lexington, Ky., the heart of the state's coal belt in Appalachia. Not exactly the first place one would think to find a first-rate information technology team.
By John Andrews 09:20 am September 04, 2014
Even before the Department of Health and Human Services posted the final rule declaring Oct. 1, 2015 as the compliance deadline, industry analysts were convinced that it would be a hard-fast date.
By John Andrews 11:37 am August 04, 2014
It has been five years since the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 launched a mad scramble among healthcare providers for a share of billions in technology improvement dollars.
Providers put informatics to use on the clinical side as well as business side.
By John Andrews 10:06 am July 11, 2014
If there is one emerging pattern within the clinical informatics field, it is the quest to make data "actionable" for users. However, providers are finding that the data generated often can't be used in a timely and constructive manner.
Computers and code
By John Andrews 01:46 pm June 26, 2014
If there is one emerging pattern within the clinical informatics field, it is the quest to make data "actionable" for users.
Obstetrics is one area in which ACOs can make a huge difference.
By John Andrews 10:56 am June 23, 2014
There are many dimensions to the Accountable Care Organization challenge, including the logistics of changing a well-established acute care model, the process of configuring the network, analyzing IT capabilities across the spectrum and determining how all those moving parts will work together.
Illustration of telehealth concept
By John Andrews 10:01 am May 13, 2014
The face of telehealth is changing in ways that are becoming unrecognizable from just a few short years ago. No longer is it just a rudimentary communication between healthcare providers and patients. It is now a substantive encounter that reflects the intimacy and personal nature of a face-to-face visit, providers of new-generation technology say...
By John Andrews 10:45 am May 12, 2014
There is no single "right" way of forming these organizations and every one of them is unique, observers say.

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