Jeff Rowe

Jeff Rowe is a contributing writer for Healthcare IT News and editor of HIMSS Future Care. He previously served as Editor of EHRWatch, a tech blog focused on all aspects of electronic health records.

By Jeff Rowe 01:07 pm April 13, 2015
Carla Smith, executive vice president of HIMSS North America, has highlighted a few of the attractions for attendees.
By Jeff Rowe 11:23 am March 20, 2015
Many provider organizations that have begun tapping into analytics are already seeing some of that work pay off.
By Jeff Rowe 08:40 am March 20, 2015
If there’s one group within the healthcare workforce who could really use effective mobile tools, it's nurses.
By Jeff Rowe 11:43 am March 16, 2015
In short: Where do private interests end and public interests begin?
By Jeff Rowe 11:50 am March 09, 2015
Following the devastating tornado of May 22, 2011, which shattered the city of Joplin, MO, a new hospital has risen from the wreckage.
By Jeff Rowe 10:15 am February 19, 2015
"To those who design these monstrosities and ... buy them to the protests of clinicians, what are you thinking?"
By Jeff Rowe 09:48 am February 16, 2015
Unlike with specialists, there’s more than one concept of what a PCP does, and technology is currently blurring those lines even more.
By Jeff Rowe 08:38 am February 13, 2015
Health IT is generally considered a good thing. But there are dangers, too.
By Jeff Rowe 10:55 am February 04, 2015
We just pointed to a survey that says doctors aren't embracing digital health technologies. In the name of fairness, we should also point to a survey that says it's not their fault, but their bosses'.
By Jeff Rowe 12:00 pm January 30, 2015
What will encourage doctors to step up and assume their share of the responsibility for getting healthcare costs under control?

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