Jeff Rowe

Jeff Rowe is a contributing writer for Healthcare IT News and editor of HIMSS Future Care. He previously served as Editor of EHRWatch, a tech blog focused on all aspects of electronic health records.

By Jeff Rowe 04:06 pm May 27, 2014
There's a widespread irony surrounding the phenomenon known as "social media."
By Jeff Rowe 08:16 am February 19, 2014
Traditionally, economic development discussions have revolved around issues such as levels of taxation, the cost of capital and the condition of a region's or country's infrastructure. It seems safe to say that healthcare hasn't typically been part of the conversation. Until now, that is.
By Jeff Rowe 09:09 am February 03, 2014
Healthcare stakeholders who are looking to understand what mHealth can do for their organizations would probably like to find the information they need all in one place. Which is where the mHealth knowledge center at the 2014 HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition comes in.
By Jeff Rowe 02:27 pm December 04, 2013
Unless you've just beamed in from another planet, you know there's a bit of a debate underway about the current state and future of certain healthcare reform efforts. But when it comes specifically to the health IT transition, some stakeholders are still feeling downright upbeat.
By Jeff Rowe 08:45 am December 02, 2013
Tenzing Group CEO Ryan Minarovich conducted a legislative analysis of the ACA and found few emerging HIT companies fluent in federal healthcare regulations.
By Jeff Rowe 09:51 am November 25, 2013
Keeping both hospital guests and clinicians happy is not easy, especially when it comes to meeting their need for WiFi. Learn how hospitals are managing the challenge.
By Jeff Rowe 09:37 am November 22, 2013
Solid BYOD policies can keep information flowing without running afoul of HIPAA.
By Jeff Rowe 12:29 pm November 13, 2013
The potential for smartphones to help with biometric monitoring was immediately apparent to many clinical researchers. When medical conditions required a patient to be notified about a condition change, their mobile phone would naturally be available to send the message.
By Jeff Rowe 12:17 pm November 13, 2013
IT professionals are supposed to encourage the adoption of new technology, not suppress it. But supporting personal devices in a carefully controlled environment is not a trivial task.
By Jeff Rowe 11:52 am November 13, 2013
Text messaging has changed the way we communicate with each other. And soon, it may change the way doctors communicate with their patients. Trials of SMS text messaging systems are already signing up thousands of users in health promotion campaigns.

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