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Jeff Lagasse is Associate Editor at Healthcare Finance.

CMS said it would soon release facility-specific ratings on its Hospital Compare website.

By Jeff Lagasse 10:31 am July 22, 2016
Specific hospital ratings will be posted on the CMS Hospital Compare website soon.
Pokemon Go
By Jeff Lagasse 03:59 pm July 15, 2016
With Pokéstops emerging at healthcare facilities, providers concerned about safety for patients and caregivers are asking people not to wander around their campuses using the mobile app. 
telehealth remote monitoring AHRQ
By Jeff Lagasse 02:20 pm July 05, 2016
The U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality pinpointed instances where telemedicine consults are most effective, though to date information is lacking about cost and utilization. 
Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes
By Jeff Lagasse 08:49 am July 05, 2016
Citing clinical laboratory failures, U.S. Representatives request information on how Theranos is attempting to correct those flawed test results. 
By Jeff Lagasse 05:18 pm June 28, 2016
Medical imaging vendors are operating in a "churn" market, according to a new peer60 report, as hospitals experiment in finding which image sharing features mean the most to them.
Medicare Fraud Strike Force

Source: Wikimedia

By Jeff Lagasse 03:42 pm June 22, 2016
The defendants, 61 of them clinicians, are being charged with various crimes, including conspiracy, violations of anti-kickback statutes, money laundering and aggravated identity theft.
Robert Wood Johnson spending $2.6 trillion

It now appears that President Barack Obama's signature piece of legislation, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, is reducing healthcare spending by more than originally anticipated. 

By Jeff Lagasse 02:55 pm June 21, 2016
The nonprofit credits Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act as reducing spending by $1 trillion, while Medicare and private health spending estimates are also lower. 
Prime Surgeons on-demand surgical care
By Jeff Lagasse 10:58 am June 17, 2016
Prime Surgeons called its surgical staff "elite," with patients ranging from athletes to celebrities and professionals, touts transparent pricing.
American Medical Association takes on gun control

The American Medical Association says it will take on gun control as a public health concern.

By Jeff Lagasse 03:45 pm June 14, 2016
Vows to lobby Congress for comprehensive action on the issue, calls for lift of 20-year ban on CDC research on gun violence.
Medical University South Carolina predictive analytics workforce
By Jeff Lagasse 07:22 am June 10, 2016
MUSC said the Avantas services can help it determine patient capacity and labor needs 120 days into the future. 

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