Jeff Lagasse

Jeff Lagasse is Associate Editor at Healthcare Finance.

prescription bottles
By Jeff Lagasse 04:46 pm October 17, 2019
The FDA is also approving greater numbers of complex generic drugs, which are more difficult to replicate and traditionally lack competition.
By Jeff Lagasse 03:54 pm October 16, 2019
A tiny fraction of healthcare executives, 5%, said clinical integration is their supply chain't top priority.
By Jeff Lagasse 03:24 pm October 16, 2019
On average, physician-led ACOs produced almost 7 times the amount of Medicare savings per beneficiary than hospital-led ACOs.
Pharmacist filling medications
By Jeff Lagasse 11:39 am October 15, 2019
The anticipated savings would increase in a scenario in which biosimilars made up a larger portion of the total market share.
Person putting out cigarette.
By Jeff Lagasse 11:36 am October 14, 2019
Smoking cessation efforts could ultimately be a strong investment that allows the hospital to retain more reimbursement dollars.
Sad doctor
By Jeff Lagasse 07:07 am October 07, 2019
Administrative complexity accounted for the most waste, estimated at $256.6 billion, and pricing failure was a close second.
ICU doctor
By Jeff Lagasse 07:07 am October 02, 2019
While there's no universal standard for what constitutes a preventable ICU admission, those with chronic medical conditions may be good candidates.
Medical bill.
By Jeff Lagasse 03:20 pm September 26, 2019
Making the process more palatable for consumers can help to avoid revenue leakage and lawsuits.
By Jeff Lagasse 02:44 pm September 19, 2019
The pressure on physicians and hospitals to address social determinants will likely increase, as they've been a focus of payers and providers.
Wake Forest Baptist Health
By Jeff Lagasse 12:08 pm September 19, 2019
Real-time tracking technologies allow the organization to monitor everything from patients to medical equipment.

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