James Ellis and Aaron Razavi

James Ellis, CEO, Health Care Realty Development Company, is a nationally recognized successful real estate investor and developer of medical office properties with a comprehensive knowledge of sophisticated real estate transactions, cost effective designs, and efficient property management.

Aaron Razavi is Associate Marketing Director at Health Care Realty Development.

By James Ellis and Aaron Razavi 08:04 am January 03, 2012
As a progressive new form of quality and convenient health, telehealth practices are growing, especially in rural areas, as it improves quality, access and cost of care. However, with a reimbursement model not clearly defined, some physicians are still reluctant.
By James Ellis and Aaron Razavi 08:14 am December 19, 2011
The amount of office based physicians using electronic health records (EHRs) is up 12% from 2010 according to a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report.
By James Ellis and Aaron Razavi 09:02 am October 17, 2011
With uncompensated care, low Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements and incredibly large overhead costs, emergency departments (EDs) are one of the costliest sectors of a hospital.
By James Ellis and Aaron Razavi 08:26 am August 22, 2011
As a booming state in many aspects, it's no surprise that Texas is also a leading state in new hospital construction and renovation.
By James Ellis and Aaron Razavi 08:24 am August 08, 2011
At a medical office conference I attended, influential hospital executives stated that investing their capital in infrastructure needs and health information technology (IT) took priority over building new or renovating existing hospital ancillary facilities.
By James Ellis and Aaron Razavi 08:12 am August 03, 2011
Today hospital executives can say that their facilities are unlike their predecessors ten years ago, but in another ten years from now health facilities will be even more sophisticated and advanced than the most modern centers today.
By James Ellis and Aaron Razavi 08:10 am July 18, 2011
From bolstering brand identity to reducing administration costs, hospital signage is a growing industry with a continuous supply of new and sophisticated tools that spread hospital communication.
By James Ellis and Aaron Razavi 08:16 am July 12, 2011
Whether for patients with long drive times in rural communities or set in urban settings for a more convenient and quicker treatment, satellite emergency departments are attractive prospects and as two studies show, a fairly lucrative proposition for a health system looking to develop.
By James Ellis and Aaron Razavi 08:48 am July 05, 2011
The satellite emergency department market is doing well, and from what I have seen, as attractive to patients as hospitals looking to implement them.
By James Ellis and Aaron Razavi 08:52 am June 27, 2011
Mid-level providers, commonly called registered nurses (RNs) or physicians’ assistants (PAs) are a beacon of hope for struggling hospitals as the physician attrition rate and the number of aging Americans continues to spiral upwards.

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