Power Patient Engagement with Technology
By Intel 08:01 am September 28, 2016
10 Tips for enhancing care by empowering and educating patients. 
By Intel 10:54 am September 26, 2016
With Onxy and Intel technology, USF Health built its Pharmacy Plus system, which enables patient engagement, and thus helps reduce hospital readmissions.
By Intel 01:45 pm September 21, 2016
The Michael J. Fox Foundation is collaborating with Intel on a Parkinson’s research solution using wearable technology, Intel algorithms, Big Data analytics and the Cloudera distribution of Hadoop.
By Intel 03:04 pm September 19, 2016
Six families discuss the challenges of caring full time for a loved one who has suffered life-changing physical ailments.
By Intel 09:06 am September 15, 2016
Telehealth services can help providers and patients improve healthcare outcomes by reducing the barriers to care.
By Intel 02:22 pm September 14, 2016
Apixio’s next-generation analytics help health systems improve chart audits, build “the true state of the patient,” and enhance patient care, risk management, and the bottom line.
By Intel 11:17 am September 12, 2016
Predictive analytics, powered by Intel and Cloudera technology, enabled a hospital to reduce readmissions rates.
By Intel 10:21 am September 02, 2016
Penn Medicine deploys the platform Penn Signals to improve patient outcomes through analytics.
Home healthcare
By Intel 10:47 am April 02, 2015
(SPONSORED) Kay Eron at Intel talks about how current technology in medical devices impact patient care.
By Intel 10:41 am April 01, 2015
(SPONSORED) General manager, Consumer Health at Intel Corporation, Michael Jackson discusses the growth of the consumer health market.

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