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Patient paying doctor
By HIMSS Women in Health IT 05:52 pm May 30, 2019
Today, the role of the patient is often unclear, but it seems the days of ‘the doctor knows best’ are over. Many care providers work collaboratively with patients, to help them make sense of the overwhelming amount of information that is readily available on the internet, and live their most healthy lives. While we have made a great...
By HIMSS Women in Health IT 05:51 pm September 21, 2018
All great companies started as a single idea.  A fleeting burst of electricity, a synapse firing, a chemical reaction.  Then those ideas, like cells in a body, begin to divide and reproduce.  Like cells, they find intention and purpose in a mission, organs developing in a growing embryo.  Once born into the marketplace, those...
Business presentation.
By HIMSS Women in Health IT 05:51 pm September 17, 2018
Technological progress doesn’t take place in a vacuum.  The information that is rearranged into innovation is born from many sources, be it consumer behavior, the experiences of the innovators themselves, or the dictates of new rules in the marketplace.  It is the role of a transformational leader to understand the context in which...
Senior patient speaking to doctor.
By HIMSS Women in Health IT 05:51 pm August 30, 2018
In 2015, UCSF School of Nursing Professor Audrey Lyndon described what a burned-out clinician looks like. “Imagine an emotionally exhausted clinician,” she writes, “overwhelmed by work to the point of feeling fatigued.  Unable to face the demands of the job, and unable to engage with others. Fatigue, exhaustion, and...

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