By Healthcare IT News 11:27 am March 06, 2018
Tune in to pick up the live stream.
By Healthcare IT News 08:34 pm March 05, 2018
HIMSS North America Executive Vice President Carla Smith guides visitors through key elements of the show.
By Healthcare IT News 01:03 pm December 08, 2016
Many security breaches begin with en email that allows malware enters the organization  healthcare institutions begin as a result of phishing. To combat this thread, Mayo Clinic initiated an institution wide No Phishing Campaign based on education and simulated phishing exercises for all employees.
By Healthcare IT News 10:50 am December 08, 2016
(SPONSORED) John Summers, Vice President and General Manager of Enterprise at Akamai offers several suggestions relative to access control, provisioning user accounts, and engaging in agile digital transformation that also enables hospital IT departments to better serve customers. Summers also shares his vision of what healthcare organizations...
Chris Crowley
By Healthcare IT News 10:25 am December 08, 2016
Penetration or pen tests are an increasingly popular way to find the access points on a network that can be exploited by hackers.
By Healthcare IT News 09:34 am December 08, 2016
A successful cyber-security program requires a comprehensive approach. Shenny Sheth talks about the management philosophy that Texas Children’s Hospital has taken to creating its blueprint for the successful implementation of a security program.
Jon Cohen Synchronoss
By Healthcare IT News 08:09 am December 07, 2016
(SPONSORED) As the number of devices connected to a healthcare network continues to expand, so do the points of vulnerability. Many of these devices add new access points for malware that can threaten the overall security of the network. Isolation and containerization can be part of the solution.  
Scott Aldridge
By Healthcare IT News 04:45 pm December 06, 2016
By adopting best practices, IT managers can build their security strategy around a set of frameworks that have been proven to work. The IT Process Institute CEO talks about their approach to the challenge of selecting the best practices in cybersecurity.
By Healthcare IT News 04:20 pm December 05, 2016
Whether it's protecting against ransomware attacks, managing insider threats, implementing device management policies or convincing the C-suite to open its purse-strings, the role of a chief information security officer is a complex one.
Former NSA Senior Counsel Joel Brenner
By Healthcare IT News 04:09 pm December 05, 2016
In a world where cyber criminals can exfiltrate healthcare data from the other side of the globe, health systems have their work cut out for them when it comes to protecting patient information. It wasn't always this way. How did we get here?

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