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By Healthcare IT News 10:31 am November 03, 2015
As a variety of commonly cited issues get in the way, many healthcare C-level executives struggle with nocturnal tossing and turning. However, an emerging analytics paradigm can potentially act as a powerful sleep-promoting elixir.
By Healthcare IT News 03:28 pm October 23, 2015
A mobile app can offer valuable features that reduce or even eliminate some of patients' biggest frustrations. Your app can help you create a more positive, consistent patient experience-without the need to hire additional office staff.
By Healthcare IT News 03:02 pm October 23, 2015
The traditional hospital kiosk comprises a nice-looking display and housing, possibly a keyboard, powered by a basic software program. But technology has zoomed ahead. A cloud-based mobile app, accessed via tablet and/or a wall-mounted flat-panel touchscreen, offers a number of significant advantages. This quick datasheet breaks down those...
By Healthcare IT News 09:41 am October 23, 2015
How many times a day do you think patients and visitors stop hospital employees to ask for directions, hopelessly confused in the maze of hallways? Poor hospital navigation has a host of (very expensive) effects, but it can be remedied.
By Healthcare IT News 03:20 pm October 22, 2015
To be effective in the current healthcare environment, it's becoming necessary to shift from a tactical organization to a strategic one. The new environment requires that IT goals align with those of the business, patients and physicians.
By Healthcare IT News 01:37 pm October 16, 2015
Using mobile devices can help clinical staff untether themselves from desktop computers and complete their work at the point of care or while moving through a facility. This improves productivity, accuracy of data, and even the quality of care.
By Healthcare IT News 02:26 pm October 15, 2015
Following a few simple steps will help you determine how a custom and intuitive ECM solution can be implemented enterprise-wide to create efficiencies and meet your constantly evolving business needs.
By Healthcare IT News 11:41 am October 15, 2015
The healthcare industry is an increasingly attractive target for cyber criminals. The more difficult organizations make their systems to breach, the less likely it is they will be a target. Learn how web security is key in healthcare IT programs.
Heart with heart rate line
By Healthcare IT News 01:55 pm October 13, 2015
This IDC Health Insights Industry Brief examines the cyberrisks of networked medical devices and the related security issues facing providers.
By Healthcare IT News 02:01 pm September 21, 2015
The right predictive analytics solution can drive quality outcomes and ROI for healthcare providers.

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