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By Healthcare IT News 09:51 am January 13, 2016
Payment clarity is visibility into when and how much healthcare providers will be paid, by whom, and the ability to better navigate the many obstacles to payment. Learn how payment clarity can help your patients and your bottom line.
By Healthcare IT News 08:31 am January 13, 2016
With the changing landscape of healthcare comes a deluge of digital data and an opportunity to use it for improvements. Analytics can help make data meaningful in many ways: providing quality-related benchmarks and targeted metrics, predicting future
By Healthcare IT News 02:09 pm January 04, 2016
Hospitals and integrated delivery networks (IDNs) began converting to EMR systems years ago. Recent data indicate that across the US, more than 80% of Medicare-eligible hospitals have demonstrated meaningful use of health information technology.
By Healthcare IT News 12:17 pm December 30, 2015
Learn how proactive monitoring for the health and performance of complex IT databases and systems can help improve patient care. The key to effective monitoring is to detect issues before they impact critical systems, and therefore impact patients.
By Healthcare IT News 02:04 pm December 28, 2015
Telemedicine and Medicare Chronic Care Management have been getting a lot of buzz lately for good reason: significant reimbursement is available for practices that provide high-touch ongoing care to their chronic condition patients who need it most.
By Healthcare IT News 11:42 am December 28, 2015
To achieve maximum success and profitability, practices must be efficient while providing the best care. Fortunately, technology provides tools you need to optimize your practice and convenience to patients. Learn how video visits drive efficiency.
By Healthcare IT News 02:00 pm December 22, 2015
Telemedicine reimbursement is one of the most common obstacles to telehealth integration. Review the benefits of telehealth to patients and practices, the challenges of reimbursement, and how to overcome complexities to quickly generate revenue.
By Healthcare IT News 03:34 pm December 21, 2015
Marketing is evolving as healthcare marketers strive to implement highly targeted communications for personalized patient care. The need to improve quality, provide a better patient experience, and reduce costs is compelling healthcare organizations to reinvent their patient engagement programs. Reaching today's tech-savvy patients and physicians...
By Healthcare IT News 02:56 pm December 21, 2015
Read this report to learn about the leaders, challengers, visionaries and niche players in CRM lead management.
By Healthcare IT News 02:11 pm December 21, 2015
In this comprehensive, 110+ page guide, we cover topics from the evolution of digital advertising, to how to structure your organization's digital team, to testing and optimization. Loaded with checklists, charts, and thought leadership from digital advertising experts, The Definitive Guide to Digital Advertising will teach you how to create...

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