Blockchain in Healthcare
By Healthcare IT News 01:00 pm July 19, 2018
This webinar will provide an overview of what Blockchain is and will review the current opportunities and challenges of Blockchain in healthcare. The majority of the session will focus on real world Blockchain use cases under development within healthcare organizations.
Defining an Invested Assets Approach to Guide Your Advisor Selection Process
By Healthcare IT News 02:00 pm May 22, 2018
Hospitals and health systems maintain over $360 billion of invested assets.
By Healthcare IT News 02:00 pm May 21, 2018
Join Perry Carpenter, Chief Evangelist and Strategy Officer at KnowBe4, in this practical session providing a high-level overview of the theory and practices used in today's successful cyber attacks. 
By Healthcare IT News 02:00 pm May 10, 2018
This presentation will provide guidance on how to improve security governance for healthcare M&A activities.
By Healthcare IT News 03:00 pm May 09, 2018
With 3.7 million medical devices in use today, medical device management has risen as a major healthcare concern. Effective management is hampered by information silos, limited budgets for medical device security, and the failure to capture critical data.
By Healthcare IT News 01:00 pm February 01, 2018
A fragmented healthcare delivery system is widely acknowledged as a barrier to delivering high quality, cost-effective care.
By Healthcare IT News 01:00 pm January 23, 2018
In this webinar, we will discuss the benefits of deploying continuous monitoring as the foundation of your compliance validation program.
By Healthcare IT News 01:08 pm January 15, 2016
Kelsey-Seybold in Houston, TX deployed a cost-effective solution to secure the remote access of their physicians in their 19 clinics and to meet and exceed HIPAA compliance.
By Healthcare IT News 01:05 pm January 15, 2016
The primacy of healthcare cyber security has challenges unique to the industry. See how Adaptive Authentication helps solve healthcare access control challenges that will lead to stronger ePHI protection and safer patient care.
By Healthcare IT News 08:32 am January 15, 2016
It’s not just the rules for HIPAA that have changed. When it comes to securing ePHI, federal law requires covered entities and their business associates to be both aware of data breach risks and to proactively manage them.

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