An old-timey microphone and radio setup represent our weekly digital health podcast
By Healthcare IT News 11:12 am October 16, 2020
Paddy Padmanabhan checks in with HIMSSCast about his and Ed Marx's new book
An old-timey microphone and radio setup represents our weekly digital health podcast
By Healthcare IT News 10:59 am October 02, 2020
On a very special episode of HIMSSCast, host Jonah Comstock welcomes HIMSS CEO Hal Wolf to talk about his experiences, HIMSS' experiences, and what he's observed in the industry more broadly in the first eight months of the COVID-19 pandemic.
By Healthcare IT News 09:50 am September 23, 2020
The call for reviewers, open through September 28, seeks subject matter experts to help ensure excellence in peer-reviewed sessions at the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition, scheduled for August 9–13, 2021, in Las Vegas.
By Healthcare IT News 11:27 am September 18, 2020
HIMSS Senior Director of Federal and State Affairs Jeff Coughlin joins the editors for a wide-ranging discussion of the new rules.
By Healthcare IT News 01:10 pm September 04, 2020
Earlier this week, an HHS working session met to discuss a long-simmering topic in American health policy: the need for a universal patient-identification strategy.
By Healthcare IT News 11:17 am August 28, 2020
HIMSS Media editors discuss the politicization of the Post Office – and of healthcare agencies like the FDA, the CDC and HHS.
By Healthcare IT News 10:31 am August 21, 2020
Mathematica's Dr. Diane Rittenhouse discusses the opportunities and limitations of technology.
By Healthcare IT News 05:26 pm August 05, 2020
President Trump says telehealth is here to stay. But what exactly does that mean?
By Healthcare IT News 04:53 pm July 30, 2020
HIMSS editors discuss telehealth, remote patient monitoring, ransomware and more.
By Healthcare IT News 12:38 pm July 02, 2020
The HITN team recaps ATA 2020 and recent congressional hearings, and discusses general trends in telehealth.

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