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Gus Venditto is the former Vice President of Content Development for HIMSS Media and author of six books and hundreds of articles. At PC Magazine he was executive editor and author of the Pipeline column identifying IT trends. He was editor-in-chief of Internet World magazine and the IT portal which included SearchEngineWatch and At DowJones he was a product manager of the career section of the WSJ Digital Network. You can follow him at @gusvenditto


John Gelinne of Deloitte and Touche will speak at HIMSS16 about cybersecurity and healthcare. (Handout)
By Gus Venditto 10:25 am January 26, 2016
Healthcare IT professionals need few reminders about the importance of keeping cyber-security defenses strong.
By Gus Venditto 10:46 am January 20, 2016
Population health management touches many areas of healthcare technology and patient care. At HIMSS16, the Population Health Knowledge Center will bring together a diverse set of professionals who are able to share solutions at various stages.
Women in Health IT reception will be held at Madame Tussauds
By Gus Venditto 01:50 pm January 12, 2016
The HIMSS Annual Conference has developed many rhythms that are familiar to longtime attendees. But this year’s conference is changing the beat by a couple of steps with a Monday to Friday calendar that provides more time for education and networking on the exhibit hall.
Pat Skarulis
By Gus Venditto 07:55 am January 12, 2016
Leadership has never been more important in healthcare. To successfully navigate the challenges facing organizations, leaders must stay informed on the latest developments. And they also need to set policies that position their teams for longterm success.
By Gus Venditto 10:16 am November 03, 2015
It's every security officer's worst nightmare: a cyber attack. IT departments spend years planning to guard against an attack. But what is the reality? Hackers don't follow a rule book.
By Gus Venditto 03:43 pm October 27, 2015
Passwords has become one of modern life's more annoying routines. None of us is happy when our office email or bank asks us to take a comfortable password and turn it into something that resembles a missile launch code.
Aaron Martin
By Gus Venditto 10:01 am June 18, 2015
Aaron Martin did not have a healthcare background when he was hired by Providence Health & Services to be its senior vice president for strategy and innovation. He was fresh from eight years at Amazon.
Anthony Chang, MD
By Gus Venditto 09:29 am June 18, 2015
No one questions that the era of big data is here, but Anthony Chang, MD, warns that the deluge of medical information is just beginning. That means artificial intelligence has a much more central role to play in healthcare.
By Gus Venditto 04:17 pm April 15, 2015
Breakthroughs in genetic research represent an exciting frontier for medicine. But in these early stages, the need for more clinical data is clear.
books with stethoscope
By Gus Venditto 06:55 pm April 13, 2015
We live in a time when X-rays are delivered to clinicians within minutes and text messages deliver diagnostic alerts within seconds.

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