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By Government Health IT Staff 08:08 am June 03, 2015
The American Medical Association also makes a handful of suggestions for CMS should the feds decide to forge ahead anyway.
By Government Health IT Staff 03:45 pm May 27, 2015
Government Health IT sister site Healthcare IT News just kicked off its 5th annual Best Hospital IT Department Awards season. Nominate your IT shop today.
By Government Health IT Staff 08:47 am May 22, 2015
Five studies will involve national advocacy organizations, major professional societies and associations, payers and other key patient and stakeholder groups.
By Government Health IT Staff 02:12 pm May 18, 2015
Despite the potential of mobile technologies, a high percentage of respondents said patient engagement has been challenging, particularly in areas related to adoption of healthy behaviors and compliance with standard care recommendations and treatment protocols.
By Government Health IT Staff 01:21 pm May 18, 2015
Unauthorized user could access pump remotely and modify dosages.
By Government Health IT Staff 02:45 pm May 11, 2015
Device makers must submit information about each product that the public can search and download and, when the program is fully implemented, most devices will include a UDI in human- and machine-readable form.
By Government Health IT Staff 10:06 am May 11, 2015
Tapping into EHR data for public health surveillance could streamline reporting, facilitating more complete and timely data collection and the use of eCQMs showed promise for improving clinical data analysis and reporting, according to the agency.
By Government Health IT Staff 08:11 am May 08, 2015
The Department of Health and Human Services "has not fully implemented or monitored some information security controls," the Office of the Inspector General found in a review.
By Government Health IT Staff 08:02 am May 07, 2015
The research serves as "a wake-up call" that the industry should heed concerning priorities for electronic health records.
By Government Health IT Staff 08:19 am April 23, 2015
The funding will be allocated toward research across five key areas within real-world care scenarios.

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