Gary Palgon

Gary Palgon is vice president of healthcare and life sciences solutions at Liaison Technologies.

By Gary Palgon 10:02 am October 23, 2015
From the quantified self movement to the increasing collaboration between pharma and the healthcare industry, IT is evolving in many directions at once.
By Gary Palgon 08:19 am July 31, 2013
Cat and dog owners know that pets that chase their tails will eventually catch them – but they won’t stay caught for long. Healthcare providers who manage the exchange of health information understand the feeling.
By Gary Palgon 01:04 pm January 30, 2012
The day is rapidly coming when healthcare providers across the country will be able to share information about patients with a few clicks of a mouse. Key to this future, at least initially, is the formation of health information exchanges (HIEs).

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