Eric Wicklund

Eric Wicklund is the Editor of mHealthNews. He covers all clinical and nonclinical mobile healthcare news.

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By Eric Wicklund 08:03 am April 02, 2015
Telehealth tools and techniques, like many other technologies, must figure into the business strategy to succeed.
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By Eric Wicklund 10:05 am March 24, 2015
Lawmakers in Arkansas have rejected a telemedicine bill that proponents say would save hundreds of thousands of dollars and reach patients living in underserved areas.
By Eric Wicklund 10:33 am March 13, 2015
Docs nationwide are unhappy and exhausted in their current roles, and rather than helping, mHealth tools are only adding to the problem. At least that's the finding of a recent survey that took pulse of physician misery levels.
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By Eric Wicklund 10:17 am February 08, 2015
Developers who translate clinical voices into health records are expecting big breakthroughs this spring in natural language processing.
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By Eric Wicklund 10:31 am January 29, 2015
At HIMSS15, a national security expert will argue that providers need to make security part of the core mission.
By Eric Wicklund 10:48 am January 22, 2015
Physicians have spoken: Not all mHealth apps are created equal. And in a new survey, docs confirmed this by submitting their recommendations for the top ranking mHealth apps available today.
By Eric Wicklund 10:57 am January 16, 2015
A strike of some 3,300 Kaiser Permanente employees over one department's understaffing issues may be giving telehealth services a huge, unintended boost.
Naomi Fried
By Eric Wicklund 09:53 am December 16, 2014
In a recent interview with mHealth News, Naomi Fried, formerly chief innovation officer at Boston Children's Hospital, discusses how to get the most from data.
John Brownstein of Boston Children's Hospital employs technology in Ebola fight.
By Eric Wicklund 09:42 am December 15, 2014
As Time magazine named those fighting the Ebola epidemic its collective "Person Of The Year," a morning keynote and panel discussion last week at the mHealth Summit sought to shine the spotlight on another Ebola fighter -- technology.
By Eric Wicklund 02:41 pm December 12, 2014
As the "race to the wrist" intensifies and more and more smartwatches and fitness bands enter the market, one has to wonder who stands a better chance for success: the device that caters to the user or one that caters to the doctor?

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