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IDS and IPS Buyers Guide Damballa Failsafe
By Ephraim Schwartz 07:00 am July 11, 2016
The Threat Discovery Center used by Damballa to assess traffic using its behavioral analysis software.
IDS and IPS Buyers Guide
By Ephraim Schwartz 04:47 pm June 28, 2016
Intrusion detection and prevention tools carry a range of features from forensics to pattern matching. Here's a look at the most important capabilities to beware of before buying a new system. 
By Ephraim Schwartz 01:42 pm January 13, 2014
Telemedicine is being praised, and rightly so, for folding space and time to deliver first-class healthcare to rural populations as well as homebound city dwellers. What we don't hear so much about are the limitations.
a:2:{s:5:"title";s:80:"Ohana medical Home, in Hawaii, is one of 19 PcmH facilities the army has opened.";s:3:"alt";s:0:"";}
By Ephraim Schwartz 12:23 pm October 31, 2011
The agencies are harnessing health technologies to improve doctor-patient interaction by reaching patients – and their health problems – right where they reside. Here’s how they plan to transform that from buzzword into better care.

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