Ephraim Schwartz

By Ephraim Schwartz 07:37 am January 18, 2017
The new network will be automated and, as such, capable of monitoring more prescriptions than it previously could. It will also provide a platform for Surecripts future plans, CEO Tom Skelton said. 
buyers guide cloud computing
By Ephraim Schwartz 07:44 am December 12, 2016
Healthcare IT News delves deep into infrastructure-as-a-service offerings from Amazon, IBM, Google, Microsoft, CDW, ClearData, Verizon and VMware.
By Ephraim Schwartz 08:07 am July 11, 2016
Amid the evolving cybersecurity threat landscape peppered with hackers, ransomware, nation-states gunning for coveted PHI, hospitals must safeguard against attempts to penetrate their networks. Here's a roundup of the top IDS and IPS tools for doing that.
IDS and IPS HIPAA compliance
By Ephraim Schwartz 08:06 am July 11, 2016
The challenge for IT professionals is implementation because a product isn’t truly HIPAA-compliant until the system is in place.
IDS and IPS Buyers Guide
By Ephraim Schwartz 08:05 am July 11, 2016
Align your architecture and deployment to work within your budget while keeping in mind your annual costs of maintaining the system.
IDS and IPS Buyers Guide Cisco
By Ephraim Schwartz 07:04 am July 11, 2016
A threat that could compromise a device automatically signals Cisco’s Identity Services Engine and Cisco TrustSec to quarantine and prevent the attack.
IDS and IPS Buyers Guide Symantec
By Ephraim Schwartz 07:03 am July 11, 2016
Symantec Data Center Security uses a combination of host-based intrusion detection (HIDS), intrusion prevention (HIPS) and least privilege access control.
IDS and IPS Buyers Guide Fortinet
By Ephraim Schwartz 07:02 am July 11, 2016
Fortinet uses an integrated approach to scan both perimeter and internal traffic to protect not only the data center but medical devices as well.
IDS and IPS Buyers Guide IBM Security
By Ephraim Schwartz 07:01 am July 11, 2016
IBM's Protocol Analysis Module (PAM) uses heuristics and behavior-based analysis to identify and stop threats.
IDS IPS Buyers Guide: Juniper Networks
By Ephraim Schwartz 07:00 am July 11, 2016
Juniper maximizes computing power in the cloud as files traverse various security devices by forking the file and sending a copy to its cloud-based service.

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