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Dillan Yogendra is Managing Editor of HIMSS Insights and is based in London. He is able to advise you on HIMSS Europe's wide range of media properties, including HIMSS Insights, HealthTech Wire and the British Journal of Healthcare Computing. Follow Dillan on Twitter @DillanYogendra1

The New Children's Hospital in Helsinki. Credit: Matti Snellman/ HUS

By Dillan Yogendra 06:13 am December 04, 2018
Since opening its doors to the first patients in September this year, the New Children’s Hospital in Helsinki, Finland is using a unique combination of art and play, recognised as key elements for a “healing environment", and the latest technologies available to
By Dillan Yogendra 10:34 am April 23, 2014
Recent incidences of hackers in the US gaining access to 300,000 records from the University of Maryland, among other issues, have given the American public reason to be anxious; while skepticism in the UK goes further still. Care.data, the well-documented proposals for a medical record data-sharing project in the UK, was so badly communicated to...
By Dillan Yogendra 05:44 am April 17, 2014
The European Commission wants to collect opinions on how best to use mobile devices such as phones, tablets, patient monitoring tools and other wireless devices to improve health and wellbeing.
By Dillan Yogendra 07:13 am April 14, 2014
Recently, three different models emerged for sharing big data across the pharmaceutical industry. One of these models was voted on by the European Parliament in the form of legislation that is likely to take effect by 2016.
By Dillan Yogendra 06:47 am April 11, 2014
Openly available online, JBS3 was specifically designed to help healthcare practitioners identify and communicate risk of cardiovascular disease.
By Dillan Yogendra 07:36 am March 25, 2014
With the internet key to today's lifestyle in the U.K., the best way forward is to have a doctor on a computer, signed into a network of patients in the same way many are connected to Facebook friends and Twitter followers.
By Dillan Yogendra 12:34 pm March 14, 2014
Keynote speakers Afsar Akal, Bastian Hauck and Rick Valencia will feature among a distinguished faculty of international experts at mHealth Summit Europe in addressing themes such as mobility in chronic disease management, mobility in elderly care management and data privacy and security.
By Dillan Yogendra 11:47 am March 11, 2014
A partnership of health industry stakeholders recommends that the Federal Government of Australia develop a national strategy for telehealth as an effective way to help control its ballooning health budget deficit.
By Dillan Yogendra 09:59 am March 07, 2014
The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company is implementing an electronic financial system to complete all accounts-related processes and raise the efficiency and effectiveness of financial tasks conducted across its medical facilities while achieving optimal use of resources.
By Dillan Yogendra 09:59 am March 06, 2014
The NHS needs to follow banking and retail and embrace a "technology revolution," said Jeremy Hunt, UK Secretary for Health.

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