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Diana Manos is a Washington, D.C.-based freelance writer with specialties in healthcare, technology, politics and policy.

By Diana Manos 09:53 am December 12, 2018
More than 80 percent of those surveyed for a new report said they think ERP software processes are most likely to be totally replaced by AI or machine learning.
invest in health IT
By Diana Manos 11:33 am December 11, 2018
Survey finds hot tech initiatives will advance consumerism, care management, retail settings, and more.
By Diana Manos 11:11 am December 11, 2018
New York City-based Hospital for Special Surgery, the first specialty hospital to win a HIMSS Davies Award for Excellence. has found a way to use teamwork and health IT to improve processes and care outcomes.
HIMSS Davies
By Diana Manos 08:52 am December 10, 2018
With a tele-ICU program, A/V tech and predictive analytics, the system reported 297,613 fewer ICU days and saved an estimated 15,000 lives.
HIMSS Davies
By Diana Manos 01:50 pm December 07, 2018
System deployed clinical decision support alerts along with its EHR to lead the country with the least amount of patient falls.
By Diana Manos 03:36 pm December 06, 2018
Neck-and-neck, the two rideshare companies are making big moves to assert themselves in the space, hiring health IT talent as providers and other vendors continue to partner.
By Diana Manos 03:11 pm December 06, 2018
Many EHR and health IT vendors have eliminated obstacles to participation, and most have made connection to the network plug-and-play, a new report says.
Forrester 2019
By Diana Manos 09:03 am December 04, 2018
The time has finally come for hospitals to keep pace with other industries patient experience-wise, analyst firm says.
alert fatigue
By Diana Manos 11:40 am November 30, 2018
KLAS sized up 10 vendors and found that the technologies are maturing and improving clinician’s workflow.
Lyft healthcare VP

Lyft's new healthcare vice president Megan Callahan. Credit: Lyft

By Diana Manos 11:25 am November 29, 2018
Company appoints former Change, McKesson top executive Megan Callahan.

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