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Diana Manos is a Washington, D.C.-based freelance writer with specialties in healthcare, technology, politics and policy.

ECRI mental health
By Diana Manos 11:07 am November 19, 2018
There is a small market for software that combines physical and mental health data hospitals can use to better understand threats before an incident occurs.
By Diana Manos 09:35 am November 19, 2018
Here’s a look at what security experts think about the controversial issue.
digital transformation
By Diana Manos 11:28 am November 16, 2018
Researchers pinpointed five main points of failure for digital transformation plans.
hacking breaches
By Diana Manos 09:59 am November 16, 2018
While the number of overall data breaches is down, incidents involving 100 million or more records continue to be a concern, a new report found.
Microsoft FHIR Azure
By Diana Manos 11:31 am November 15, 2018
New service comes shortly after the software giant aligned with Amazon, IBM, Google, Oracle and Salesforce to remove interoperability barriers.
EHR, rev cycle
By Diana Manos 09:56 am November 15, 2018
With large integrated delivery networks scooping up physician practices and pressuring vendors to integrate different pieces of infrastructure, expect changes coming before too long.
By Diana Manos 09:06 am November 15, 2018
HHS said it is looking to remove regulatory barriers to health information sharing and the plan just took a first step.
social determinants population health

Health Quality Advisors president Michael Millenson said that healthcare organizations cannot make the transition to population health and value-based care without engaging patients and that requires addressing a number of challenges. 

By Diana Manos 07:30 am March 14, 2017
Experts contend that healthcare providers are starting to catch on to the importance social determinants of health play at the individual and patient population levels and that, increasingly, the factors will inform how they can ultimately improve care.   
Louisiana Healthcare Quality Forum UnitedHealthcare

Louisiana Healthcare Quality Forum CEO Cindy Munn said LHQF serves as the conduit betwenn emergency rooms and managed care organizations. 

By Diana Manos 06:56 am February 17, 2017
LHQF and UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Louisiana created an HIE registry to keep patients out of the emergency room. 
Texas Health Resources EHR

Mary Beth Mitchell, chief nursing informatics officer at Texas Health, explained the staff has a saying: "every patient, every location, every time."

By Diana Manos 10:44 am February 14, 2017
Now that the healthcare industry is mostly digitized, leading hospitals like THR are looking at how to use technology as an enabler for improving health, CHIO Ferdinand Velasco said. 

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