Diana Manos

Diana Manos is a Washington, D.C.-based freelance writer with specialties in healthcare, technology, politics and policy.

By Diana Manos 01:20 pm November 12, 2014
Increasingly, healthcare providers are deploying apps that manage patient wait time -- which MGMA says is "a strong predictor of overall satisfaction," and central to the care experience component of the triple aim. One mHealth Summit session will offer tips for making best use of apps like these.
By Diana Manos 01:12 pm November 12, 2014
Here's a thought that should cheer clinical app developers: "99 percent of the greatest ideas in mobile development have not been developed yet." So if you have a terrific idea for an in-house mobile app to make life easier for the physicians at your hospital, go for it.
By Diana Manos 08:08 am November 11, 2014
Providers and technology vendors alike face a few obstacles before use becomes widespread. The initial steps, however, promise to open many doors.
By Diana Manos 08:08 am November 07, 2014
A year and a half after the pilot started, clinicians refuse to let go of their phones or Cureatr. And they don't even like rotating to units that don't use the app.
By Diana Manos 12:52 pm November 05, 2014
Not long ago, the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania launched a program setting up residents, faculty physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other clinicians with mobile devices. The hope was to enable better communication among care teams. The pilot was so successful that caregivers say they don’t want to see it end.
By Diana Manos 12:50 pm November 05, 2014
In an on-demand culture, Americans want convenience and will pay for it -- even when it comes to healthcare. Pager, a New York City-based company that calls itself "urgent care on wheels," is using an app to help patients in Manhattan and Brooklyn get house calls from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.
By Diana Manos 12:48 pm November 05, 2014
Gamification still hasn't caught on in healthcare the way many think it should. One problem? Game designers are forgetting the human aspects. Case in point: How many healthcare games or apps have an avatar? Very few. That personal element is critical to engaging people, says one expert.
By Diana Manos 09:28 am June 30, 2014
Call it big data bloodlust: The more health information being generated by a growing contingency of apps, devices, electronic health records, mHealth sensors and wearables, the broader and stronger the desire for that data becomes.
By Diana Manos 10:21 am June 26, 2014
Anyone under the impression that doctors don't like technology in general might be mistaken. Rather, what many share distaste for is meaningful use. That's according to Mari Savickis, assistant director of federal affairs at the American Medical Association.
By Diana Manos 07:55 am June 24, 2014
The healthcare industry is already using shopping habits and financial records for predictive analysis. Now some are turning toward social media data and other public records, raising concern that practices will be overly intrusive and conducted without patients even knowing.

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