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Diana Manos is a Washington, D.C.-based freelance writer with specialties in healthcare, technology, politics and policy.

By Diana Manos 08:32 pm February 25, 2016
There are so many new medical devices today flooding the market, offering hope for a brighter tomorrow. But what good are they if they cannot be integrated into electronic health records or continuity of care efforts?
Intermountain Precision Genomics, a service of Intermountain Healthcare, offers genetic sequencing.
By Diana Manos 07:57 pm February 25, 2016
Cancer treatment is changing for the better and the application of precision medicine deserves some of the credit.
John Freedman, MD, president of Freedman Healthcare, will lead a session intended to shed light on what APCDs are and where they’re headed in the future.
By Diana Manos 03:08 pm February 18, 2016
All but seven U.S. states have either passed or are working on legislation that would establish a state-sponsored, all-payer claims database – and that’s among the reasons these databases are in the spotlight for their promise to improve the way providers and insurance companies manage patient populations.
Shelley DiGiacomo, RN, vice president of consulting services at the Quammen Group, will speak at HIMSS16.
By Diana Manos 08:12 pm February 17, 2016
With more than 70 sessions on tap at HIMSS16 concentrating on value-based care, it promises to be among the hottest topics in this year’s show.
By Diana Manos 08:03 am February 08, 2016
If only the EHRs didn't run on 1990s technology, the health IT expert says ahead of his keynote in Las Vegas later this month.
Halamka’s HIMSS16 presentation will look at the healthcare landscape pre-and post-meaningful use regulations and probe innovation's role in transforming the sector
By Diana Manos 03:33 pm February 04, 2016
By John Halamka’s standards, healthcare IT is pretty average. In fact, he’d only give the sector a B-minus.
Edward Marx, vice president at the Advisory Board Company, will be speaking to the Nursing Informatics Symposium at HIMSS16, with a closing keynote titled, "Looking Towards the Future; Imagine the Possibilities."
By Diana Manos 04:28 pm February 01, 2016
Though longtime CIO Edward Marx, vice president at the Advisory Board Company, has won several awards as leader in the health IT sector, according to him it's nurses who should be the most recognized in healthcare.
By Diana Manos 02:24 pm January 19, 2016
Patient engagement isn't always about patient portals. "In fact, most of the time it's not," said Pamela DeSalvo Landis, vice president of information services at Carolinas HealthCare System, the second largest public, nonprofit healthcare system in the United States.
robotic surgery
By Diana Manos 10:39 am January 15, 2016
Concepts like artificial intelligence and machine learning may seem pretty abstract in healthcare, but experts say the Internet of Things is poised to quickly change that.
nurse telehealth
By Diana Manos 10:28 am January 15, 2016
The Arkansas Antenatal and Neonatal Guidelines, Education and Learning System, otherwise known as ANGELS, has seen big gains in improving the state’s access to care and reducing infant mortality rates.

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