Deirdre Fulton

Deirdre Fulton is communications professional and freelancer based in Maine.

By Deirdre Fulton 11:02 am April 09, 2019
Cybersecurity experts at BakerHostetler document some bright spots and areas for improvement for healthcare organizations.
By Deirdre Fulton 10:19 am March 13, 2019
Despite its clear potential to improve access to high-quality care in underserved communities, telehealth is underutilized by safety-net providers due to a range of barriers, according to a new report from the RAND Corpo
By Deirdre Fulton 10:38 am March 12, 2019
A new report in Health Affairs looks at the success rate of hospital IT system integration, post-consolidation.
By Deirdre Fulton 01:14 pm March 01, 2019
As healthcare startups boom, providers must embrace disruption and forge new relationships with tech companies, says a new report from the Chartis Group.
By Deirdre Fulton 10:40 am February 26, 2019
The total number of breaches is at a three-year low, but the incidents are larger, affect more people – and are often caused by underprotected IT environments, according to a new Bitglass report.
By Deirdre Fulton 01:21 pm February 25, 2016
It seems simple enough: If a piece of medical equipment is storing, receiving, transmitting, or processing electronic protected health information, it falls within the category of devices that are covered under HIPAA.
Dana McLure, Nursing Administration and Patient Care Services Project Manager, at St. Jude Research Hospital.
By Deirdre Fulton 09:53 am February 22, 2016
Receiving a life-threatening health diagnosis can be frightening, confusing, and overwhelming. Unfortunately, how hospitals deliver subsequent medical information to patients and families can contribute to those feelings, rather than ease them.
“IBM Watson understands natural language in context; it can determine the intent of a phrase or question and provide a pertinent, useful response.”
By Deirdre Fulton 07:44 pm February 10, 2016
It’s a futuristic idea to be sure: Harnessing the intelligence of IBM Watson, the Jeopardy-winning supercomputer, to support cardiac-care recovery, reduce hospital readmissions, and save healthcare costs.
By Deirdre Fulton 09:57 am January 26, 2016
While electronic health records have been shown to improve patient health, safety and care coordination in many ways, what is less documented is how EHRs can also cause harm, and even leave healthcare professionals open to malpractice suits.
Pope Francis visits Philadelphia in September 2015.
By Deirdre Fulton 09:22 am January 22, 2016
Not many health information exchanges can say they handled a papal visit, but that's exactly what HealthShare Exchange of Southeastern Pennsylvania did.

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