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Dean Koh is the Editor of Healthcare IT News Asia Pacific.

By Dean Koh 01:59 am April 20, 2020
An interview with Prof. Chyong-Huey Lai, Vice-superintendent of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkuo Branch.

A screengrab of the COVID-19 tracker.

By Dean Koh 01:28 am April 17, 2020
Earlier this week, the Department of Health (DOH) of the Philippines launched its new COVID-19 Tracker.
By Dean Koh 12:03 am April 09, 2020
The service, which is provided by Samitivej, is available free-of-charge and all-day from 8 April to 10 May 2020. 

Above image: A nurse at the monitoring center in Seoul is checking the status of a patient staying at the Life Treatment Center in Mungyeong through a video call.

By Dean Koh 04:18 am April 07, 2020
There are currently more than 16 life treatment centers in operation in South Korea.

Photo: Dean Koh

By Dean Koh 09:53 pm March 31, 2020
An interview with Professor John Beard of the ARC Centre for Excellence in Population Aging Research, University of New South Wales, Australia.

Above image: A screenshot of the COVID-19 assessment tool in Alcidion's Patientrack solution.

By Dean Koh 11:38 pm March 29, 2020
Clinical leads will be able to use the software information internally to gauge a site-wide view of their hospital to see all affected patients and their status across the hospital.

Above image: A screengrab of Mediplat's first call remote health consult service. Credit: MedPeer

By Dean Koh 02:00 am March 24, 2020
The service provided is a remote health consultation service, which means that doctors should advise patients according to their conditions and symptoms, not diagnosing or prescribing medicines.
By Dean Koh 04:12 am March 20, 2020
While public hospitals aim to improve their operational efficiency and medical outcomes, private hospitals are making a digital push to enhance their value proposition.  

Above: The University of Canberra Hospital complex. Credit: ACT Health

By Dean Koh 11:04 pm March 18, 2020
This implementation complements the existing use of Alcidion’s Patientrack solution and is the first step in a five-year agreement.

Above image: What people can expect to see the first time they access My Health Record after the system upgrade. Credit: ADHA

By Dean Koh 05:21 am March 13, 2020
The latest upgrade makes it easier for people to control who sees and accesses their health information.  

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