David Weldon

David Weldon is a freelance journalist in the Boston area, covering topics related to healthcare, business, technology and education.

adjustment disorder ICD-10
By David Weldon 10:34 am October 07, 2015
Not all healthcare organizations are as prepared for ICD-10 as they should be. And a lot of it comes down to not having enough skilled coding professionals to go around.
By David Weldon 10:04 am September 17, 2014
As the Affordable Care Act shifts the reimbursement landscape, hospitals are adjusting their recruiting practices -- turning and eye toward outpatient services and seeking skilled data analysts.
By David Weldon 08:22 am February 08, 2013
A common piece of many contracts, the hold harmless clause can still be a contested part of the negotiation, even when it comes to the ICD-10 conversion.

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