David Kibbe

By David Kibbe 09:19 am May 05, 2010
I've been spending a lot of time involved in several Work Groups of the NHIN Direct Project, being run by ONC/HHS. The Project is aimed at developing secure, affordable, health data exchange over the Internet so more physicians can participate in Meaningful Use.
By David Kibbe 09:19 am May 05, 2010
I've been spending a lot of time involved in several Work Groups of the NHIN Direct Project, being run by ONC/HHS.
By David Kibbe 09:36 am February 08, 2010
It's time to revive the discussion of electronic health record software in light of the new federal regulations that define criteria for meaningful use and also set criteria for the EHR technologies that must be implemented by doctors and hospitals in order for them to become, and be paid for being, "meaningful users of certified EHR technology."
By David Kibbe 12:35 pm November 04, 2009
In the cacophony of health IT issues, products, and goals that compete every day for our attention, it is easy to lose sight of the profound value that could come from the universal availability of a simple core set of relevant and portable personal health information in digital format.
By David Kibbe 02:33 pm October 30, 2009
Much of the conversation and debate about physician EHR adoption has centered on the single issue of the (high) cost of purchase. However, we'd like to suggest that the situation is much more complex and involves several more subtle variables.
By David Kibbe 02:20 pm August 04, 2009
A caution to readers: This post is about methods for certifying Electronic Health Record (EHR) technologies used by physicians, medical practices, and hospitals who hope to qualify for federal incentive payments under the so-called HITECH portion of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).
By David Kibbe 09:58 am March 26, 2009
Recently, in a blog post published December 22, 2008 in The Health Care Blog entitled "The Connected Medical Home," we described the synergy between the efforts of proponents of Participatory Medicine and the Medical Home.
By David Kibbe 11:04 am March 04, 2009
Now that the legislative language of the HITECH Act -- the $20 billion health IT allocation within the economic stimulus package -- has been set, it's time to identify a National Coordinator (NC) for Health IT who can capably lead that office.
By David Kibbe 09:44 am February 09, 2009
Clinical Groupware is a departure from the client-server and physician-centric EHR technology of the past 25 years, a fixed database technology that never really became popular.
By David Kibbe 09:10 am January 26, 2009
Now that the Obama administration and Congress have committed to spending billions of tax payers’ money on health IT as part of the economic stimulus package, it’s important to be clear about what consumers and patients ought to expect in return -- better decision-making by doctors and patients.

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