PruittHealth network utilization by Citrix
By Citrix 07:05 am June 30, 2016
As a growing organization, PruittHealth was consuming network utilization. By implementing IT infrastructure anchored by Citrix, PruittHealth was able to increase network utilization while improving application response time.
mobile clinical staff at Saint Mary s Hospital
By Citrix 08:36 am June 28, 2016
Virtualization and authentication management solutions helped Saint Mary's Hospital support its mobile clinical staff, while simplifying IT management for the IT staff.
Allegro Pediatrics IT mobile workforce
By Citrix 08:00 am June 22, 2016
Allegro Pediatrics has been able to support its mobile workforce by expanding its Citrix IT infrastructure. The expansion has increased the performance, speed, stability and scalability of the delivery of its EHR and apps to its clinicians.
St. Luke's Health System
By Citrix 05:09 pm June 15, 2016
St. Luke's Health System has been able to grow significantly, adding several new facilities, thanks to simplifying its IT infrastructure and enabling a mobile environment for its clinicians.
healthcare security
By Citrix 09:14 am June 14, 2016
Security begins with access but it doesn’t need to end there.
Lifespan EHR technology
By Citrix 08:50 am June 09, 2016
In 2015, Providence, RI-based Lifespan conducted what was, at the time, the largest “big bang” implementation of Epic’s electronic health record (EHR). The health system wanted to consolidate the multiple EHRs that resided across its five hospitals and more than 100 ambulatory facilities to a single EHR.

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