Chuck Green

Chuck Green is a freelance writer based in Chicago. His work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg BusinessWeek and more.

data breach simulation

Too many hospitals and healthcare providers "really don't prepare – never mind practice – for a cyber event," says Candy Alexander.

By Chuck Green 02:13 pm July 14, 2016
While payers and large health systems have detailed protocols in place to prepare for and deal with breaches and security incidents, many hospitals and practices "don't even have plans in place."
FBI CISO endpoint security

Former FBI special agent Chris Tarbell, who infiltrated Anonymous and Silk Road, recommends that hospitals draw a map of their IT topology to more effectively secure endpoint and mobile devices.

By Chuck Green 09:16 am June 22, 2016
Protecting the perimeter and safeguarding against phishing attacks don’t have to cost a fortune, according to one cybersecurity investigator and a CISO, if you plan carefully and spend wisely.

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