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Cari McLean is Director, Social Media at HIMSS Media. Follow her on Twitter @carimclean

By Cari McLean 05:50 pm February 03, 2016
(SPONSORED) How to rise above all the marketing chatter is perhaps one of the most difficult marketing questions to tackle.
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By Cari McLean 09:56 am November 25, 2015
Kemp Edmonds, Lead Solutions Consultant at Hootsuite Media, says it's time to get real about social selling and call it what it really is: social networking. Social media is long-term relationship building tool and not a tool to make sales.
By Cari McLean 09:19 am May 24, 2012
The chat will focus on topics that will also be discussed during the Government Health IT conference in June. Here's a sampling of the questions that HIMSS hopes to ask Aneesh during the Twitter chat.

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