Benjamin Harris

Benjamin "Benzo" Harris is a contributing writer to Healthcare IT News and former new media producer for HIMSS Media. Follow him on Twitter: @BenzoHarris.

By Benjamin Harris 01:03 pm November 22, 2013
And what to look forward to during the pre-mHealth Summit tweetchat slated for Monday, Dec. 2 wherein we'll discuss...
By Benjamin Harris 11:07 am September 10, 2013
Public health measures are among the easiest to track via Facebook and Twitter and, in turn, the platforms can be harnessed to reach and educate patient populations.
By Benjamin Harris 09:32 am July 22, 2013
When combined, obesity, heart disease and diabetes cost as much as the U.S. defense budget. And we're throwing pills at it?
By Benjamin Harris 10:39 am July 15, 2013
Patients clamoring to get in on their charts are a growing demographic. A recent study, in fact, stated that it was "extremely likely" that respondents would access medical imaging were it made available online.
By Benjamin Harris 09:48 am June 03, 2013
A look at some of the implications to Google releasing integrated nutritional information within its search.
By Benjamin Harris 08:16 am May 30, 2013
Some times a cell phone does more good than the most advanced surgical instruments. How does Afghanistan provide a blueprint for America on telehealth?
By Benjamin Harris 10:44 am May 21, 2013
Future Care, a new HIMSS media site, will be a reservoir of news and analysis – all centered on the future of our healthcare landscape.
By Benjamin Harris 03:29 pm May 16, 2013
Because the "future of care will call us to convene differently" the new site will focus on analytics, cognitive support, and coordination of care.

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